The Rising Popularity Of Pet Cremation Jewelry

Whether you are planning for your own death or handling the death details for the upcoming passing of a sick loved one, one thing is clear: this is not an easy subject to deal with. There is often a lot of guilt attached to every decision we make, especially as it relates to process of death. If you are truly thinking about cremation services right now, you are making the right choice. It might not seem like it at first, so here are a few reasons why cremation is a suitable choice.

To add a personal touch to your pet’s urn, you can have a photograph of your pet along with its name engraved on the urn. Photo urns come in various sizes and shapes. Generally made of solid hardwood, you would get them in the form of a box, tower, photo frame and even a dog house.

However, the teddy bear urn does have one disadvantage. Where most urns are sturdy and durable teddy bear urns will show signs of wear over time. While all urns should be stored in a cool dry place, even when kept under these conditions, teddy bear urns will show sign of wear.

Cremation urns shaped like teddy bears are an example of these “soft, cuddly” urns. They come in a variety of colors, and it is possible to choose from a variety of different bears: clothed baears, ones with your pet’s name imprinted on them, etc. These teddy bear urns are a completely new and unique type of urn.

When it takes long to make the decision on whether the body is to be cremated the more you stand to spend. This cost gets more and more every day you wait. If it is not to be cremated immediately there are a lot of things that need to be done.

Hazel died January 8, 2013. All that knew her were saddened by her passing, but were so grateful to have met such an amazing and inspiring woman. Leppert Mortuary and Funeral home at 740 East 86th Street in Nora, is pet friendly and allows pets to be included in the funeral service if the family wishes. They also have arrangements for Dog burial Pittsburgh and burial. Hazel’s family were happy to agree to let Jelly Bean III come to Leppert Funeral home to say goodbye to his owner. The family said he could actually stay for the funeral and wanted him to be at the burial. They felt that Jelly Bean III was like her child because she had no children with her husband, Norm.

There is also a pick up services for families who cannot get into the crematorium. They usually offer for every kind of animal cremation service but usually require additional fees.

The author of this article is in no way connected to any of the above-listed funeral homes. None of these companies has offered any compensation for this article or asked for this article to be written. This is a completely unbiased, first-hand report of how four Wilmington-area mortuaries treated the author and her family in a time of loss and grief.

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