Durham Dog Charity To Sponsor Music Festival

Bob Dylan played a warm-up gig in 1966 at Riverside College that does not appear to be documented in any book or on any web-site, according to filmmaker and “New Media Maven” Sandi Bachom.

But before you focus your attention there, consider the fulfillment piece. Look at why you do what you do. What’s meaningful for you? What will you remember forever?

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Don’t touch that cauldron! The Maryland Science Center will be hosting Halloween Havoc Friday on the 30th at 2:00 p.m. in the Kids Room. Children will have the chance to mix potions in the lab as well as learn about pumpkin seeds and hairy spiders. Eeek!

Naturally there are good and bad nights. And rarely, really bad ones. We rehearse and prepare for long enough so that, hopefully, major difficulties won’t happen. Fortunately I’ve never done a role that I find too difficult to manage.

Dylan and the Hawks played the Honolulu International Center Arena on April 9, 1966. It has been documented that Dylan rehearsed with the Hawks and new drummer Mickey Jones, in Los Angeles, on March 30. So the concert probably took place the first week of April.

Port Discovery’s Halloween Howl on the 31st will bring out the wild in your child as they ecstatically decorate cupcakes and create fuzzy skeletons and mummies! Throw in a Moonbounce, some face painting and a performance by Milkshake and you’ve got a recipe that will result in a much needed afternoon nap to prepare for the late night ahead. Events are scheduled throughout the day beginning at 10:00 a.m. and are included with regular admission.