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Beds jumping, dishes rattling, houses shaking were a few of the things reported by residents Tuesday afternoon during a major earthquake that impacted the eastern seaboard.

In the neighborhood up near Insulated siding Chesapeake City that I used to live in, one of the people I used to carpool with had bought a Mercedes ML320 not long before some snow fell on the ground. Only two roads in the subdivision are paved, the rest of them are all washboard and gravel. So while this person drove his Mercedes, it handled quite well in the snow, and his maximum speed was the speed limit.

The earthquake caused widespread alarm because of its unexpected nature. While Dillsburg has experienced countless tremors, residents of surrounding areas have had little to no experience with an earthquake.

In order to continue efforts to attract tourists, CVBs and chambers turned to government for funding. First, the local city government and then, the local county government and finally, the state government. At that point, it seemed like things were getting really good!

#6 Michigan State – I’ve already said it, but I’ll say it again – Big Ten basketball is awful this season. Michigan State is supposedly the best team in the conference, but how much weight does that carry in a conference where teams are lucky to score 50 points in a game? The Spartans have played erratically all season. They beat Ohio State, Michigan and Illinois, but lost to Penn State and Northwestern. MSU’s latest loss to Purdue does not bode well for Tom Izzo’s squad come March. Despite their skills, the Spartans are too inconsistent to justify their ranking.

“My daughter and I felt it! We were in the kitchen making Jello and the whole kitchen was rattling and we just stared at one another and said, ‘what is going on? Is that an earthquake?'” Bridgett Cassar, Harrisburg.

Unlike those from the UK, these beetles’ trip to America is not with a warm welcome. If you do think you’ve detected Agrilus planipennis, feel free to contact the United States Department of Agriculture.

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