Bad Things You Don’t Want To See In Your Credit Report

Do you tend to be late in paying your credit card bills? Is your pile of notices from creditors getting higher and higher? Do you fear you might lose your properties because you can’t pay off your credit card debts?

When you’ve got a good commercial Scottish Debt Collection Agency, they can work all over the place. That way, whether you’ve got delinquent clients in New Jersey, North Dakota, or Louisiana, you’ll be covered.

Here’s how a creditor views a request from a debt settlement company on behalf of a debtor. 1) They must be in deep trouble 2) We will take whatever we can get 3) We’ll write off the rest.

A contingency based collection agency does not make any money until they collect. This is why the title says that they lose money. That is why an agency must be good at what they do in order to stay in business. There is a fine line in the collection world between success and failure.

I called the debt collector back on behalf of my friend and they tried to tell me that the statute of limitations runs from the date of the last activity on the account, which was when the original creditor charged off the debt. Statutes of limitation are laws that set the time within which a legal action must be filed, after which no legal action can be brought regardless of whether a cause of action existed. In other words, if you don’t file a lawsuit within the time set by the statute of limitations, the court will not allow you to bring an action.

The only option available is to consider the pros and cons before paying the bill. If the original lender has charged the debt off the balance sheet and if the amount has been transferred to a collection agent, then repayment will not result in a benefit to your credit score.

If your debt is over $10,000, negotiating on your own may be difficult. With a debt settlement program it is possible to reduce your personal debt by 50%, and some up to 89%. Because of the great number of clients a good debt relief company has it is possible for them to negotiate the best debt settlement for you through volume. In other words, they are not just bargaining with creditors over your $10,000 credit account; they group your debt in with their other clients and negotiate $500,000 worth of debt. That gives them much greater leverage than you would have on your own, and gives you a better deal. This is also discussed more in depth on our website.

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