Unique: Top 5 Fall Wedding Trends

As soon as you get the ring, your schedule becomes very busy. You have meetings with everyone about everything like, looking for the dress, calling hotels and places for the venue of the wedding and reception, ordering the cake and several food tasting, selecting the wedding entourage and visiting people to invite them to your wedding. Most importantly never forget to choose your wedding flowers.

Obviously you should adapt your dog’s clothing to the sort of dog or puppy you have. Whilst frilly dresses and flower-power knits could appear cute on a Scottie or Yorkshire Terrier they might not appear so charming on a Rottweiler. However, a robust coat or body warmer on a larger ‘tougher’ breed can look cool.

Stop spraying and start sweeping. Trade in your hose for a broom and sweep away dead leaves, sticks, dirt, and other outdoorsy “stuff.” It does a perfectly acceptable job and it’s a “kinder” way to treat your wooden furniture. And if you need a little more “elbow grease” use household cleaners like Windex to help you get up those tougher spots.

Gift certificate. Perhaps, nothing beats a birthday gift that allows her to buy what she really wants. Also, you can consider giving gift certificates to a spa or fitness center she’s been eyeing on for months.

Try this little experiment: find something of beauty – it can be as simple as a leaf, a http://www.cheapflowersdelivered.co.uk/, a photograph, a small work of art or the top of a tree out your window. Now let yourself completely open to the thing of beauty. Let yourself feel the beauty in your body – in your heart, your solar plexus, in your stomach, arms and legs, in your forehead. Let the beauty enliven your body and fill it with vitality. Breathe in the beauty and feel your body’s reaction to it. Open to gratitude, thanking God for this experience of beauty.

Ordering flowers from florist last. It would be best to book any florist the soonest possible time so you can have the proper time to choose which florist to hire for your wedding. It is also advisable especially if the flowers you have selected are not in season. Ordering and delivering flowers would take some time, so the earlier you book and hire a florist, the better.

Well, I could go on but I think you get the idea. I hope that now you have some great ideas about how you can decorate with stencil art by adding your own words. You are only limited by your own imagination (and I know there is no limit there). You can choose the size, colors, theme, framing…Let’s face it – you are in charge. So go get ’em!

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