Tips For Developing A Dental Marketing Strategy

Finding the new dental marketing ideas is a hot topic in the dental industry today. In fact, “new dental marketing ideas” is one of the top dental searches done on the internet.

Don’t answer. I know the answer and so do you. And that is why you need Dental internet marketing. Now, as we have established the need for dental marketing recipes, let us move forward and see how to find a right one.

Fifty percent or more of many businesses’ sales come as a result of following up with people who were previously contacted, but didn’t buy right away.

There is always one dental practice in any area that continues to advertise through tough economic conditions that always reaps the benefits. As stated above, there is still plenty of money out there, now go and get it.

No kidding, repeat contact does drive sales. One-time mailings can get response, but are bound to leave sales on the table. Those sales can be picked up with repeated mailings.

It engages the senses and creates emotion. Viewers can hear and see who you are and what you are all about. This is difficult to accomplish with the written word on a website.

Mistake #3: Letting New Patients Slip Through Your Fingers. In all my work with dentists this is the most costly mistake they make. There are new patients calling them all the time and often as many as 20% of those calls don’t convert into new patients for your practice. Getting these ‘free patients’ into your practice often is the quickest and easiest way to improve the results of your dental marketing.

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