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MHOW is a small city about 23 km from Indore. But its significance is manifold in contrast to its dimension. Every part of MHOW breaths background. It is an acronym for Army Headquarter of War and has been an important part of the British Indian military from the days of the Raj.

It was also simply known as the Join Indian Army. Until Independence of India this was a component of the British Military. They took part in many of the wars in which the British government was concerned including the Abyssinian Expedition.

The institution of the cantonment reads like a fairy tale. It begins with the fight of Mahidpur in 1818 when the Marathas under Holkar fought the English under Sir Thomas Hislop. The British won the fight and Holkar experienced to cede some land to the English near his capital at Indore. The treaty of Mandsaur which Holkar signed gave the British the legitimate correct to set up a cantonment. This they duly did at MHOW about fifteen miles from Indore.

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The report also tells us that many memberships of the golf club are sold to the civilians and foreigners. The profit is deposited in a team foundation to avoid auditing. Some revenue also movement into the private business. That the military even sells membership to civilians and foreigners is inexcusable in accordance to the assertion of the report.

The regular rifle of the Pakistani Military is the H&K G3 seven.62mm. This classic German weapon is a veteran of the nineteen fifties, and it’s roller-delayed blowback method has given it a justifiable reputation for dependability and precision. It has semi-automatic and totally automated modes, a price of hearth of 500 rpm in the latter, and a 20 round box magazine. It weighs four.4 lbs.

All this is mentioned by Air Vice Marshal AK Tiwari in his article in the Indian Defense review. A lot drinking water has flowed down the river because then, but future generations must be made aware that the psychosis of worry should never govern a army decision. This is sadly what occurred in 1962. As for each AVM AK Tiwari ‘In last evaluation the use of fight air energy would have turned the tables on Chinese and the 1962 war could nicely have been a debacle for China.

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