Some Facts About Gold Rings

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Lost stones often result from a structural problem, like a worn or broken prong. Your jewelry repair professional will examine your piece carefully. He will inform you if there’s a problem with a setting that needs to be addressed.

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6) Lost stones. Few things are as disheartening as losing a stone in a favorite piece of jewelry. Fortunately, this is an easy jewelry repair for a professional. The downside is that it can be expensive to replace a lost stone, depending on its type. However, most jewelry owners are happy to be able to preserve a cherished piece by simply replacing the GSI vs. GIA.

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As you shop for rings or any gold jewelry, be more conscious of those pieces that are gold plated, rather than identifying the karats of gold. This means that the outer surface is covered in gold. It is common to make different jewelry pieces, and dip them in gold to make them more affordable to the many. Gold plated means that the piece is constructed of an alloyed metal, and then coated with gold. This gives the appearance of the piece being a real gold however the gold coating is extremely thin. Be a wise shopper.

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