Social Media Strategy For Business: Are You Sticky?

Go Social and Build Business’ goal is to help individuals and companies leverage online social media websites to increase their business. Over the past three years, I have worked with over 3,000 employees and independent contractors to help them develop their online and social media presence.

This theory is hardly new to soap opera fans–we have heard it all before. Last summer I went on a vacation up in Maine to a house my family had rented for a week. My cousin Beth visited and while she was there I discovered that Beth was one of those addicted to FarmVille. Interesting enough, my cousin doesn’t fit the typical Zynga user profile at all. She’s a special needs school teacher, single with an active social life, buckets of friends and a passion for traveling and photography. Beth was also one of the few soap opera fans in the house aside from my mother. Every day, Beth and I would stop what we were doing to tune into General Hospital and share a cocktail or two.

Generate New Ideas – I will often say that in technology “nothing is really new, rather a novel approach to the same thing.” It’s the same in media. Novel approaches are great and allow innovation. If you are good at generating novel approaches to business problems – people will listen.

Your background: Business to business sales or just a sales and customer service background is what you need to have to be sure you are combining your technical skills with your sales and interpersonal skills as well. It marries with the above principle of the personality. When you have the mind of someone who knows how to build a business and who knows what businesses need. This way, as social media services, you are speaking the same language as the business owner.

One of the best ways of engaging clients and attracting new ones is through interesting questions. When anyone answers your questions, of course, you will learn many new things, but this will also increase your visibility along with that of your content on the social network. You will be able to keep these people interested in your page only if you read their answers and respond appropriately.

Q) You have a new perspective has on the bookmark play with the “Products” button. If it apart, it seems like it would be great for ecommerce sites, located mainly in reporting. I have not seen elsewhere. What made you bring the product into a product Angle button?

These concepts can be used with any number of social media services. Experiment, play with your options, try different directions, whatever you do, just get involved and do something.

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Social Media Strategy For Business: Are You Sticky?

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