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Owning a recruiting firm, I am often asked where the jobs are in the United States, what industry verticals are hiring and the different compensation levels currently being offered. Below, you will find some estimates regarding the above inquires. Hopefully, this chart will prove useful not only for those looking for a job, put those gauging whether they are overcompensated, undercompensated or are just on par. Please keep in mind that all numbers and stats I am giving are for senior level professionals and above as we don’t staff jobs which are under the $70,000 range base salary.

Gardening was just a hobby years before. But now it has turned to a source of extra income too. There is market for vegetables, flowers etc and by using your extra time in a right way you can earn a lot of money from home gardening. As a result of various researches a number of new breeds of garden seeds have come up. This garden seed are modified to have resistance to various diseases and also with high productivity. Vegetable garden seed produced by various companies are capable of growing in less soil and water but produce more vegetables. These garden seeds require good attention to yield the expected result. So if you use your leisure time usefully, you can earn a lot from your home garden.

And it’s not only about money. Career as a Patent Agent has its rewards. It’s a highly respectable and honorable career where your knowledge solves fascinating technical and legal problems. It’s the opportunity use your science degree (or the degrees) to get and earn the prestige you deserve.

Plot: Horzine Biotech, a Best Coaching for GATE biotechnology research company in London, England, failed miserably while conducting its experiments on cloning. In no time, an outbreak occurs of mutated “specimens” that escaped the laboratory. The game is built around a multiplayer based system, so don’t expect an in depth story.

Have you decided in what kind of neighborhood you want to live in after moving to San Diego? The city’s geography is varied and interesting. The city has deep canyons which separate neighborhoods, giving one an exclusive feel. It also has a beautiful bay. Downtown San Diego is very close to the bay, making it a gorgeous place to live.

So with immense benefits of a career in patent law, why don’t more scientists opt for this opportunity? Because most of them just don’t know the opportunity exists.

Now you know that passing the Patent Agent Exam can open an entirely new career door for you. It can pave the way to a higher salary and a highly rewarding career. So if you’re interested in a career change, please check out more information today.

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