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When Johann Gutenberg invented his printing press in 1440, as creative and farsighted as he must have been, he can’t have seen how far his humble machine would go and to what wondrous purposes it would be used.

Cost of Location. Again, the beauty of being an information marketer is that you don’t need a lot. Your office at home is, well, your office at work. However, once your business expands, you may want to consider moving into a work space that better suits the size of your venture. Look at cheap office spaces or a centre of commerce that might be beneficial to you.

Do you do embarrassing things when you write? No, this isn’t a joke. When I wrote fiction I would often pace while thinking out conversations. Why? Because I was acting out the interaction. Fiction writers have been described as actors with a fear of the stage. If you do embarrassing things then you probably need to remove yourself to a separate room — if only to avoid the even more embarrassing questions.

Trust a professional writer to know the rules inside and out. Not only can they choose words that sing to the consumer, but they can also make sure every noun and verb agrees. Plus they can spot wrong word choices. (Is it compliment or complement? Accept or except? Affect or effect?) And they can smell a typo a mile away. Tapping their knowledge will save you time as well as money in costly revisions and repeat trips to the business cards.

First step is to find a place for your client’s logo. Remember that the logo is responsible for showing off the business. It should be in a place that’s easy enough to see, and draws in anyone who sees it. There should be a one-line slogan or pitch involved as well. It needs to be quick and easy to read. It should be catchy, yet professional.

What year was their print machinery manufactured? This is important to know, because the older their machinery, the higher the waste and more time required for setup. This translates in higher overall production costs.

Just remember: you’ll pay more if you order from your local printing company rep, ordering more than need just to lower the price of each piece only often costs you more in the end and pricing your full color printing jobs does not need to take days and does not require an expert estimator – other than you!

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