‘Mighty Macs’ Actress Visits Padua Academy

As speakers we prepare and practice for all kinds of speaking situations: equipment failures, hecklers, unforeseen events, etc. We are all working all the time to become as good as Tony Robbins is. However, where I see more and more speakers screwing up is the one place where it should be easy for them to shine: accepting awards.

The Core Blood Donor Foundation states that cord blood is an excellent source of stem cells. Cord blood stem cells can be used to treat leukemia and other cancers in the same way that bone marrow is used, with a much less chance of rejection. So what’s a stem cell? Stem cells are special in that they have the ability to develop into many different types of cells within the body. The National Institute of Health claims that they are a repair feature for the body.

The next time I saw the two children, the older girl was six years old. She came into my office smiling a black, toothless smile. Her back teeth were missing or decayed. Her front teeth were decayed and coming out naturally due to her age.

All too often I see award recipients who try to use the occasion of their receiving an award as an opportunity to try to be funny or to amuse the audience. This is probably not the right time to do this. Treat the reception of the award as what it is – a big honor. This means that your words are going to have to convey how much this means to you.

If executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have their way? Maybe they will, maybe they won’t. Either way, the creative wizards (wackos?) aren’t saying much, but did drop a hint recently that it IS possible. Both Cuse and Lindelof have been in England attending a salute to Lost at the British Quit 9 to 5 Academy Bonuses of Film and Television Arts.

Fiona and I had a bit of a chat but we both knew this was the way to go for us. We bought the program knowing that without action we will be in the same place we were in right then and there.

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