Management Training – 6 Intriguing Secrets To Jumpstart Your Training For Management

Whether you manage two assistants or a large department, coaching your team is a powerful path to success. When a manager puts on her coaching cap, she helps her team develop an effective strategy, practice skills, and score goals to win the game.

Quoting from a past article of mine called “Info 101: What can the School do to help prevent Bullying,” here are a few other important suggestions for parents of a child who is the target of bullying. They could work with the school to get some or all of these ideas activated.

He asked what position in particular I was applying for, and I mentioned that “customer service”, “public affairs”, and “event planning” are of the most interest to me. He suggested that I go for the “Management Training Program” as he felt it would be a perfect fit for me based upon my credentials. I asked him more about being a manager, and all he answered with was, “You would have 5 people under you that you would train, it’s a great opportunity, you have the potential of making a six figure income”.

Perhaps the shortest and easiest to read high quality management book ever written is The One-Minute Manager by Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson. While this little management book was first published in 1981, it is still available from your local bookstore.

We can be reluctant to take action when an employee is hard working and dedicated. But if he’s not well-suited to the position, it could be time for a change. Perhaps there’s another role for him to play, or it might be time for him to move on.

When you become an expert listener is means that the other person is doing most of the talking. When you go into a situation where you are meeting someone for the first time go into that encounter with only one thing on your mind – THEM. You must treat that person as though they are the most important person in the world, because to them they are!

Consider committing to writing your purpose, vision and values. Then and only then, craft an action plan that looks at both your professional and personal lives. The results will truly surprise you.

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Management Training – 6 Intriguing Secrets To Jumpstart Your Training For Management

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