It’s Clobberin’ Time: The Top Ten Marvel Comic Movies

The other day I was reading some of the news on the interweb and came across a piece announcing that Phil Harris of “Deadliest Catch” had died. I was instantly drawn to it because I am an avid follower of the show and have been since its inception. I remember watching episodes of this guy sucking down Red Bulls and cigarettes like they were going out of style. He was doing this to make a couple hundred thousand dollars a year. I started thinking to myself, “what good is that money if the way you are living to get it leads to an early death?” Then my mind started thinking about my own MLM success and some of the stress and unhealthy things that can potentially come out of it.

You are going to have the fight of your life versus the evil forces through Princess Leia costume. This has a special hair-do costume just like the real character. Its head has a piece of buns attached to each side and jumpsuit in the arms. Sizes vary in this type of costume from small, medium, large and even extra large sizes. That is why your big dogs can be princess Leia too. So what are you waiting at, add this stuff to your collection later on.

Mark Maier brings us an interesting prospective he has on comics. Mark Maier seems to be of the opinion that DC cavewoman comics has a history of stereotyping it’s black characters in storylines. Whether you agree or disagree it’s an interesting, thought out article and it certainly got me thinking about a topic that I’ve never really noticed before.

If you’re dog is older, princess Leia costume might not be appropriate. Why not make it as the master-Jedi master Yoda. This is the most common star wars pet costume that is available at the pet stores. Its simple style attracts the people. This is a license star wars costume that includes headpiece of Yoda and big Yoda ears and a jumpsuit that is attached in the arms. This is not only available for small pets. It also includes small, medium, large and extra large sizes. That is why you big pets can also be Yoda the Jedi master.

Jelly Nuts : I made a descision a long time ago that I would never use my position at Psychopathic to get skins… I decided that it would interfier with the job,and I wanted to be hardcore like that… But let me tell you, that BLANK has been tough as BLANK!!! There are some hot as freaks out there… and I have had a decent share of Juggalettes who have offered to Jelly up the ol’ Nuts! When they send in their pictures ofthemselves and they are looking all hot, it is very tempting. But I usually just print up the pictures and put them on the bulletin board in case ICP or Twiztid would be interested… after all, thats who the freaks REALLY want to BLANK anyway.

Tonight, Alina & Friends returns to Pi on Sunset (8828 W. Sunset Boulevard) with a power-packed line-up. Arrive about 8 p.m. for a wonderful dinner upstairs in the music room, where the show will start around 9 p.m. Come out and find out who will join Alina Smith in an old-fashioned songwriters round. The event is FREE.

These are just some of the ways that you can light up your mood and have a good time. Laughter is contagious so is be sure to spread it with your friends and family.

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It’s Clobberin’ Time: The Top Ten Marvel Comic Movies

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