How To Get Ideas For Writing

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Find ways to add creativity to your child’s prayer experience. Hold hands while you pray, or stand in a circle as a family. If you have an older child, encourage your child to keep a prayer journal. Select a simple Sermon Notebook where he can write down a brief prayer each day. If you feel open and want to share with your child, ask each family member to record a prayer in the same journal, which will enable you to share the thoughts and hopes of one another.

Allowing your journal to become a prayer journal can help immensely in allowing God’s voice spoken to you to be heard and understood well. So often our lives are so busy, and our minds race so quickly, that we simply don’t have or take the time to listen for the ways God might be speaking to us.

This service really helps you to remember to pray. Even if it is just a quick prayer while I am driving to work, I feel that this helps remind me to start my day off with God. I also love being randomly reminded to pray for my friends throughout the day. This way, when I tell people, “I’ll be praying for you,” I know that I will actually remember to do it.

For each reminder that you set, Echo will send you a prayer from your prayer list. Generally, it will pick prayers at random, but you also have the option to be reminded of a specific prayer at a certain time.

Assuming from the name some people think that netbooks are only good for browsing the net. After using one for 6 months as the primary computer I would say that it is not true one bit. If you don’t plan on playing too recent games, or try to have too many windows open, you will find it a pleasant experience to work on a mini. On the other hand laptops are good for everything, cheaper laptops are more limited than a more expensive one, just as you would expect.

Ask open-ended questions. You have them, so voice them as you journal. You wonder why God allows things to happen in your life. You wonder how the Trinity works. You wonder how you could possibly live forever with God. There are so many questions bouncing around in everyone’s mind that go unasked, and oftentimes we don’t even realize how important finding out those answers is until we finally voice the question. Let it come out, and then you can look for answers as God develops the knowledge within you.