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Grandview State Park located in southern West Virginia provides all kinds of different recreation activities and breathtaking views of the natural habitat of West Virginia. You can visit the park off of I-77 close to Beaver, West Virginia in Raleigh County. The National Park Service acquired the park from the state in 1990.

Mat Setting; This drill has a setter on their knees on a floor mat. Since they re on their knees, they will rely on upper body strength to set the ball. Have a tosser stand about ten feet away and toss balls to the setter. The toss should be to the setters forehead every-time. The setter must focus on setting the ball high and to the right of the tosser. There it is shagged by another player. This can be very tiring on a setter.

One of the main reasons I go to Lancelin so often is the Sand Dunes. These can be found by following the main road through Lancelin, turning left and then you will see a big sign saying ‘off-road area’ on the right. If you have a two wheel drive car you can still drive in, just make sure you park on the hard rocky surface at the base of the dunes. Don’t try and take a two wheel drive car through even a little bit of sand; we have pulled a number of tourists out! The dunes get used by buggies, motorbikes, sand boarders and four wheel drives. There are usually at least a few serious injuries at these dunes each year (primarily motorbike riders), so make sure you are careful. You can hire motorbikes out by the hour (but it’s expensive) or you can simply walk around and have a good time.

Toss to the Setter; The coach has the setter at the net. There is a shagger in front and behind the setter. The coach has a basket of balls and two players to receive passes from the shaggers. The coach makes all kinds of tosses to the setter. They are short , long, high, slow, and fast. The setter then back-sets to the shagger behind or the shagger in front. The balls should be set to the shaggers,where it would be placed for a kill. Again, go by time or a number of balls. Keep the intensity high on this drill.

This is easy to set up and the players love it. Take cones and set up the basic outline of a volleyball positions. Make a few courts depending on how many players you have. Make teams of three players. The server starts by heading the ball to the other team. The other team has three touches (one per player) to get the ball on to the other side of the court, with letting the ball touch the ground, and vice versa. If the ball goes out of bounds or touches the ground, the other team gains one point.

This park, Wilderness Lakes in Menifee, CA is a membership only park and part of the Naco organization. The resort is on flat terrain which is great for walking and bicycling; which I did a lot of. There are wonderful canals that wind through the park and are actually stocked with catfish. You can fish right there from your front door! The resort is in an argricultural setting with nearby dairies. Yet, only a few miles away there are lots of local stores for shopping, even a WalMart and Winco, and there are medical facilities close by.

Hilltop (.5 mile plus at least .5 mile on connecting trails): A half-mile trail that can only be reached from Laurel or Coquina trails, this moderately difficult “out-and-back” path requires a good deal of climbing in addition to at least a half-mile hike on one of the other trails to reach it. A mountain-like atmosphere with plenty of vegetation such as Galax and Mountain Laurel will be enjoyed by hikers.

Roper’s Regal Beagle; Godfrey. The Regal Beagle has five large wide screen televisions and plays host to 21 different beers on tap. for food, they serve everything from perfect steaks to pizza. They have a private party area that will seat up to 40 individuals. They have a front parking lot. They are open 11 am to 2 am.

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