Homeschool Curriculum Review – Phonics Pathways, 10Th Edition

At this time of the year some parents are being informed their child will likely be “retained”. That is a difficult message for any parent to hear. As a tutor, I can honestly tell you this is sometimes necessary, and sometimes not. As a result more and more families, including professional teachers, are turning to home schooling. Today’s schools cannot produce high school graduates who can compare favorably in knowledge and skills with the 8th grade graduates of the 1900’s.

So just how do babies learn to read and how can I know that it really works? Babies are taught to read using the whole word method, which is also known as sight-reading. A little baby does not need to be burdened down with the sounds of the letters, the names of the letters and the rules of phonics. The really neat thing about babies is that their rapidly developing brains figure out the rules of Phonics lesson on their own.

Does this mean that laws need to be in place? Yes. Do schools need rules with punishment handed out? Again, yes. However, something else that can be done is to raise our children in such a way that they are resistant to the efforts of bullies.

Teach your children about jobs. In their case, school is their job. A job they must do well. You can save a significant amount of money if your child does not repeat a grade due to a lack of effort. You can also save on tuition and other costs if your child earns an academic or sports scholarship. The lesson here is Phonics sounds lesson for kids to be responsible.

It is much easy to read a story to a child than make them read it by themselves. Phonics lesson for kids is the normal way they are able to learn words and this is exciting for them. For starters it is essential to connect the word with a picture. For e.g. words like bun, bread etc. The stories should be picture based so that they can actually relate with the help of the depiction. The stories of valor, virtues are very much liked by them.

Every state mandates how many students each teacher may have at various ages. Your state likely has a restriction. Generally speaking, the fewer students to one teacher, the better. This gives your child more individualized care and attention. It is well worth choosing a more private setting as a result.

A class can consist of older children all the way up to senior citizens. It is obvious that a child would need a different style of instruction than an older person would need. Adults tend to prefer a more structured lesson, whilst kids prefer a more freestyle atmosphere in the class. If you cannot create a modified lesson, you will surely make both of the groups very bored.

If you have a student or a child who is confused about long vowel sounds or the silent e, consider using this phonics technique. It will help him or her become a better reader and a better speller of long vowel words.

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