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Charlie Bears have produced keyrings before this year. In 2010 the company launched a range of miniature versions of some of their most popular teddy bears. Collectors were enchanted with the idea of collecting tiny replicas of their favourite bears with personality. These bears were made from plush fur and un-jointed. They had stitched noses and claws and some featured bead necklaces and bows. Sadly the keyrings were withdrawn after manufacturing difficulties to the disappointment of bear collecting fans.

Fold the 3 yard length of 2 inch wide bias tape in half, matching the short ends. Place a straight pin at the fold to mark the halfway point. Open the tape and measure 10 inches from each side of the pinned halfway point. Remove the pin at the halfway point. The measurement between the two remaining pins should be 20 inches. This will be your neck loop of the apron.

It is always better to ask your brother, husband, father or son what they want instead of going and buying a gift that they don’t like! You don’t have to be too overt about it. You can ask them a few weeks before their birthday and that too very subtly so they don’t know what you will be gifting them! Oftentimes, a person will themselves tell you what they need, during normal day conversions.

The XJ’s lineage in the Jaguar bloodline runs deep, so in creating a successor to the existing XJ, it would have to be revolutionary without diluting the brand’s identity. Think of the enormity of that task! How do you take a cultural icon and bring it into the 21st century?

Once you have set the colour of your floss and assembled all your supplies, you are ready to begin stitching your cross stitch pattern. Follow the instructions on the pattern and cross stitch your design on Aida cloth as normal. Once you have finished all your stitching trim the cloth leaving two inches of fabric on each side of stitched pillow the design.

This XJ retains its aluminum construction, the single largest leap for the last generation XJ. Starting with aluminum, the design team set out to define the new large luxury segment. The aluminum construction is hundreds of pounds lighter than its steel counterpart. Less weight leads to improved agility, acceleration, and refinement. Inside this light aluminum frame sits Jaguar’s new 5.0 Liter V8 engine. What an incredible engine. It’s more like the Mercedes-Benz 5.5 Liter Liter V8 (S550) than the previous generation’s 4.2 Liter V8, which is a huge compliment.

Is there a newborn in the family? Wanting to promote a green existence to a very young child? Baby Bunz & Co. offers a collection of natural baby basics such as soft elephant toys and wooden rattles. Average price – $13.

Gift cards come in handy when you don’t know what will be the best present. If you know your brother loves video games but aren’t really sure which game to buy him, it might be best to get him a gift card. This way, you will know he will pick out a gift that he really needs.

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