Ensuring Safety With The Right Ice Hockey Equipment

H-Have a Plan. Make a list and check it twice. This mantra couldn’t be more accurate when it comes to tackling the holiday gift giving season. Write down everyone you’re going to buy for (and I do mean everyone.) By adhering to THE LIST, you will avoid standing smack dab in the middle of a mall with carolers, screaming children and hurried shoppers, scratching your head and asking yourself: Who’s gift is this going to be?? *Feel free to also make additional lists for party prep, holiday cards and holiday home decor. Sorry if this is starting to sound like a “tweet” from Martha Stewart.

If you’re keen to take up an ice sport, it’s a good idea to find a reputable instructor or course to give you access to all the equipment and training you need.

As an aside, my brother also vacationed with us on the family re-union, bringing along his two youngest sons. The second night of our vacation, due to a drunken visit with Captain Jack, he misplaced his car keys. And so on the third day Cathy and I tore up the resort, the arcade room and our own accomodation’s looking for his keys to no avail.

Choose either Trout Lake or Lake Nipissing to fish, swim, kayak, canoe, windsurf, sail, wakeboard or water ski. And if relaxing is more your thing, then take a cruise on the Chief Commanda II or rent a house boat or pontoon to explore the lakes at your leisure.

Keep in mind that there are certain circumstances where you may be sharing footwear with someone and not even realizing it. If you rent roller skates, mens skates or bowling shoes, you could be exposing yourself to the virus that causes plantar warts. Anyone who frequently skates or bowls may want to think about purchasing their own footwear instead of renting it. While you may be spending a few extra dollars on footwear, you could be preventing plantar warts from affecting you.

Lay towels on the bathroom floor and fill up the tub with warm water. Let your kids wear their bathing suits and sit on the side of the tub and kick their feet, or get in and splash or squirt water guns. They’ll love their mini “pool” and all it will cost you is a load of laundry. Top off your party with cold lemonade, or ice cube tray popsicles made from Kool-aid.

Sometimes it is nice to do something a little different than your normal go-out-to-eat evening for your anniversary, so these are such a few unique things that you can do to celebrate. Not only will you be able to spend quality time with your partner, but you will be able to experience the city again.

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