Don’t Trip About Your Road Trip – Solid Advice From A Road Warrior

Leave convention behind for a more satisfying life. People that like to travel tend to read a lot about other people’s experiences. I am guilty and I have compiled a short list of five of my favorites. The first two are from my favorite travel author, Paul Thoreau. Rita Golden Gelman, Joshua Slocum, and Jack Kerouac round out the list.

Age Is Only A Number – I know this is not a new revelation, especially when I am talking about women. Things have not changed over the years. We do not like to tell our age – especially when first meeting someone. I myself never like to divulge my age. Especially since many people think I look younger than I am.

Thirdly, pack a cooler and some snacks. Having a cold drink on a sleepy hot road is the best slap in the face. Throw a few caffeinated drinks in there just in case (e.g. coke, red bull, iced coffee). These are life savers for late night driving. Don’t forget the water too. Nuts, jerky, and fruit are a somewhat healthier alternative to fast food. They are pretty durable and easy to eat while driving. Try to avoid messy and greasy foods. You don’t want a slippery wheel. Gross.

Not only will you see gorgeous Bluebonnets – the State flower of Texas, Indian Paint Brush and many other species of flowers in various stages of growth, but also you can shop at the on-site gift store and pick up one-of-a-kind souvenirs. This is a fantastic way to spend a relaxing day in the beautiful Hill Country, but do not forget to bring your digital camera to capture the ultimate in wildflower photographs! Spend as much time as you like at the Farm’s Activities.

Travel does expand your knowledge of the world. If you’ve been to a foreign country with an unfamiliar culture, it then becomes something familiar and not so much to be feared.

Fortaleza is a city in the state of Ceara in Brazil’s north east that is slowly becoming a travel advice destination of Europeans and Americans alike. People are lured to Fortaleza for its year long perfect weather and legendary beaches, but they stay for its night life.

Feeds are very useful. They notify Internet users of updates from favorite sites without visiting them one by one. Feeds also allow users to read fresh contents from one convenient location.

When you really want to find those discount airline tickets, you may be tempted to do your own thorough search and visit a dozen online search engines. Don’t waste your time. It is unusual to find ticket prices that vary more than a few dollars. Invest your time by learning a few simple facts and trust in your favorite travel agency.

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Don’t Trip About Your Road Trip – Solid Advice From A Road Warrior

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