Do You Know What Love Is?

“I came on too strong and now he’s losing interest. Help!” Not only is this an emotionally challenging situation to be in, it’s incredibly embarrassing too. You’ve met a guy, a great guy, and you think he may just be the one for you. So instead of playing it cool and letting the feelings develop between the two of you, you come on too strong. You tell him you love him too early or you push him to date you exclusively after only a few weeks. It doesn’t take long until you regret it because he’s pulled back. Is there any way to fix this or have you damaged this budding relationship beyond repair?

Leo: Planning to get your lover home? Well now’s the time. The route? Via Mommy dearest. The unattached may go through a very stressful time as you may get attracted or even get involved with someone with whom the future looks bleak. Some may end up in a relationship triangle, which makes them feel insecure. Attachments with a married person are also on the cards. However, things will balance out after October and you’ll see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Red is the most reactive color, so it should be used sparingly as accessories and accents. We respond very emotionally to red. Research has shown that staring at red can actually increase your blood pressure and heart rate. Many people like to use red accents in their bedrooms to evoke passion or glidmedel. To avoid over-stimulation, use red in one area of a room and balance it with complementary neutral tones. If you want a romantic bedroom, try painting the wall behind the bed a dark red and cover the remaining walls in a neutral tone. This will give you just a hint of passion intertwined with the calming effect of neutral colors.

You may as well use the Bible or any other religious book of your liking. With the good book you may go to a section and read it; like Philemon or better Paul’s Letter to Philemon, a one page book. You may read it in your own language two or three times, then go to the Portuguese version and study it knowing all its meaning verse by verse. Again no tedious work with the dictionary.

Now, pratically speaking, if you are planning on going to a Portuguese-speaking country, for example, for whatever reason: on business, missionary work, or – better yet – for fun! Of course, you will enjoy much more your trip and benefit more from it also if you are able to communicate with the locals.

Many airlines fly directly to Paris, so take a look, and find the right kind of flight. Next book the hotel. Depending on the time of year, and how busy the area is, it may be more easier or more difficult, however, there are always options to finding the right kind of hotel.

Lets take Portuguese for example. It could be any language actually. I just know more about this one in terms of links, tips and so on that is why it will be my example target language.

Fargo – Settle back into the cold with a trip to Minnesota, where a desperate husband seeks to rip-off is father-in-law with a harebrained scheme to kidnap and ransom his wife, but whose scheme is waylaid by all manner of trouble from the get-go. Featuring William H. Macy, Steve Buscemi and Emmy-winning France McDormand and this comedy that attempts to make a parody of law and order in the frozen north takes on the epic proportions common to all Coen Brothers films.

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