Clogged Sink? The Secret To Civilized Sink Unclogging

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A collector or pan refers to the horizontal surface located at the bottom of the shower. The collector typically consists of a non-slip surface slightly banked towards the center or wherever the drain is located. Combined with three to four inch walls around the side, the goal of your shower drainage plumbing is to get the water to flow to and down the drain.

Over a sold sub-floor you build two layers of mortar and then set the tile over the top layer. The drain is a special drain with two layers of drain holes. The first mortar layer is poured and sloped to the bottom drain holes. After that first layer dries, a waterproof vinyl sheet is installed on top of the first layer. This sheet is the real key to waterproofing the floor. The sheet is run up the shower walls and glued to the Kesmet base. Over the waterproof membrane goes the top mortar layer. The tile is installed over this layer and grouted in place.

If you choose to regrout, get a tile grout saw and remove the damaged grout as much as possible. Then work in new grout with a rubber grout trowel. Go over all the grout especially in the corners and the floor to make sure it’s all sound. Clean the tile and seal after it’s dry and you’re ready to try your shower pan liner repair.

Many people bathe their dogs in the bathtub because you can regulate the water temperature. Before bringing Fido into the tub, make sure to give him a good brushing first to remove loose hair, and then use a hair-catching insert to keep fur from washing down the drain.

As you probably know, there are other tricks to building a shower pan, including the special mortar that’s used. It’s called deck mud and it’s made a certain way. There’s also the special way the floor is sloped. There’s a reason for a slope, which you probably could guess. But, can you guess why many tile setters don’t use a sloped floor? It’s weird…

When you are having more serious type of drain clogs that will not unclog with those techniques used, you should call up a drain cleaning company that specializes in drain cleaning, they are much cheaper and do better jobs than the licensed plumbing companies.

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