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I’ve never been one to shy away from the fact that I’m a huge geek. I love comic books. I love comic book movies. I wear comic book shirts. I love comic book cartoons. I love comic book video games. If there was comic book cereal I’d eat it. If there were comic book cars I’d drive them. I’d even eat healthy food if it came with my favorite comic book character’s face on it. So here are the top ten comic book articles I enjoyed this year.

Jelly Nuts : I never speak to them about Half-Breed… I never even listened to Half-Breed, although I am a big fan of the old House of Krazees stuff… Ihaven’t heard anyone ever talk about Half-Breed really… As far as I know, Twiztid don’treally have a beef with anyone. I don’t know if anyone at Psychopathic has any warm feelings towards Half-Breed, but then agian, I don’t think anyone has any bad feelings either. Me, personally, I got mad love for all Detroit hip-hop, no matter who you are…(Well, except for Eminem, that kid is a BLANK, but he is from Kansas not Detroit, so he don’t count!). As long as Half-Breed doesn’t diss ICP or Twiztid, I hope he does good.

If you’re dog is older, princess Leia costume might not be appropriate. Why not make it as the master-Jedi master Yoda. This is the most common star wars pet costume that is available at the pet stores. Its simple style attracts the people. This is a license star wars costume that includes headpiece of Yoda and big Yoda ears and a jumpsuit that is attached in the arms. This is not only available for small pets. It also includes small, medium, large and extra large sizes. That is why you big pets can also be Yoda the Jedi master.

A Comic book store is possibly the best place to get your all-time favorite comics. At comic book shops, you can find a wide variety of alpha that can catch your interest instantly. These stores are the best platform to get numerous comic books that offer you a good read.

Yeah, that’s right. Comic books are for girls too. Hopefully more and more girls will realize that us comic book fans aren’t all a bunch of geeks and that comic books are a good piece of literature. So thumbs up to Captain X for trying to encourage girls to read comic books with some suggestions. Some of Captain X’s suggestions I wouldn’t have thought of as recommendations for girls but what do I know, I’ve never been a girl before (not that Captain X has either).

Jelly Nuts : Psychopathic Records is insane… Everyone at Psychopathic loves it, but there is no getting around that it is truly insane… Sometimes you sit down to do your job, and you have to remind yourself that the whole thing is real,that this isn’t some sort of bizarre dream… Now, I would like to think I can keep up this crazy lifestyle forever. But it ain’t about me, its about the Dark Carnival… If ever I felt my sanity slipping to the point where I couldn’t do the job, then of course I would step aside and give another Juggalo the opportunity to take over. There are alot of talented Juggalos out there, and I would like to think one day some other lucky Juggalo will get a shot at doing what I do! I will, however, always be a JUGGALO until the day I die, and then some!

The speculation began the moment TDK’s credits rolled, and this franchise in particular has many possible directions. Usually, film adaptations, at best, pull from the source material for inspiration, but the Batman movies have become good enough to make us wish the comics would borrow a trick or two from them. Hopefully, the third film can continue to add to the character’s legacy.

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