Best Comic Book Stores In New York City

Veteran comic book and fiction author Ron Fortier has worked for years writing in a number of formats-including comic books, stage-plays, novels, short stories, movies scripts, and the exciting and burgeoning format of online comics and pulp stories. Ron burdens himself with an impressive list of credits, but the burden is one he happily carries into the future. Notable among his credits are The Incredible Hulk, the excellent Green Hornet series of the early 1990s by NOW Comics, and the Terminator: The Burning Earth series. He is currently involved with the creation of online comics and pulp-styled stories.

Help a super sleuth tweak spying skills with this silent auction gift basket idea. Throw in a few classic mystery paperbacks. Add a magnifying glass and binoculars for spying, plus a pair of sunglasses and maybe a hat for disguise. Add a small notebook with a pen or an inexpensive voice recorder for note taking during a stakeout.

I came on board with Now minions about a year after they came on the scene. I met the publisher at their San Diego Comic Con booth and we hit if off. He had been publishing THE TERMINATOR for almost six months and was not happy with the direction the current writer was taking the series. By the time I left San Diego, I’d taken on that particular series as its new writer and given the publisher my Green Hornet package. Two months later they got the GH license and I was writing two monthly titles for them. Now comics folded, sadly, because of bad management. Their books were hot and selling extremely well. They went backrupt when they failed to pay their employees and creditors.

Other Hollywood acting credits to his name include the 2009 psychological-thriller movie, “A Perfect Getaway,” which was directed and written by David Twohy, and the role of Sam Phelan in the 2010 independent crime-thriller “Ca$h.” This was actually his first film role when he arrived in the United States. He had only been in the country for six weeks when he auditioned for the part. Stephen Milburn Anderson, the director of “Ca$h,” noticed his talent, looks, and perseverance and gave Hemsworth a role in the film. It was around this time that his acting talent began to attract attention in the right circles and his career started to move upward.

Include a variety of adventure books about hiking, mountain climbing, deep sea diving, and world travel. Put in a water bottle and trail mix for a snack. Add a gift certificate to a local sporting goods store.

Comic book stores are available almost everywhere, these days. Check through your local yellow pages or city directory to get the exact location, address, contact addresses and contact person. If you fail to locate a nearby comic store location, search a store through general geographical area. Searching by the zip code option can get you a list of comic books located in your chosen area.

LT: I read through the teaser for a Steel Wing Shattered and walked away slightly confused. What is the basic plot (without giving too much away) behind that?

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