Best Baby Girl Names From Ireland

From not even being on the chart at all, this beautiful Biblical baby name has grown to popularity since the 1950’s. A Hebrew name meaning a source of joy. She was Nabal’s wife in the Book of Samuel.

What you want – First of all, you need to figure out which kind of name you’d like. Are you basing the name off an origin, meaning, the most popular list, unique list, etc?

There are fewer girls name that have stayed consistently popular across the decades. The best candidate I could find was Elizabeth, which ranked 4th, 21st and 11th in the 1880s, 1950s and 2000s. Its quite noticeable how girls names change more than boys names. Here are just some of the most popular baby names for girls from the 1880s that are no where to be seen today: Minnie, Ida, Bertha, Clara, Florence, Bessie and Ethel. Of these only Clara appears in the top 1000 these days (position 260), and I personally think it a beautiful name deserving of more use. I don’t miss the other names much besides Florence, which has wonderful connotations.

My Number Two Baby Girl’s Name for 2009: Chloe. Chloe is of Greek origin. Chloe means: young shoot. It is sometimes used to refer to the fresh budding plant life of spring. This name is considered one from the nature category; and to me, would be best bestowed on a baby girl born in the spring and early summer seasons.

So, what are you waiting for? Take your husband (wife) and study all the free ideas of names, meanings and origins, and chose a name that your daughter (son) will be proud of.

The name Alana means attractive and peaceful. Names like this are everywhere. They give a certain air to the baby girls when they are given names of beauty and grace. But you do have to watch out for the spelling and pronunciation of Irish names. Gaelic is a hard language to wrap your tongue around but once you do, it is quite exotic to hear and to speak. Having an Irish baby girl name is a great way to add some of that exotic quality to your daughter too.

There are a number of great baby names for girls which begin with “C.” Whether you want a trendy baby name or a somewhat more old-fashioned name, you will find that there are many great options to choose from.

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