6 Steps To Online Marketing Success

Most online marketers dabble at article marketing and then give up when their articles fail to deliver an avalanche of traffic! Why not make a new resolution as we enter 2010, and commit to publishing at least one new article a day! If you published an article every day for a year, and only got 10 visitors from each article, it would still be three thousand, six hundred and fifty visitors that you wouldn’t have had. How much could 3,650 targeted visitors make you in sales or commissions?

My strongest suggestion to you right now is that you consider selling E-Mail Marketing services and Mobile Marketing to start, especially for these local businesses. Then we can move into web design, SEO and so forth.

But after optimizing your site, there’s another thing you can do by yourself, or you can hire someone to do it by Outsourcing or otherwise. This is link building. It is fairly simple that you can do it by yourself for a few hours a day, or have someone dedicated to doing the links. How does link building work? Let me explain.

How long have you been searching for yours? You just know, deep inside, that there’s an ideal job that’s perfect for you out there. It matches your personality, skills, and interests to a tee. And it pays well. If only you could figure it out. If only you knew what it was.Is there a perfect job out there for you? No. And here’s the good news – there are more jobs than you can imagine that would be “perfect” for you.

Don’t hire someone to do something you know nothing about. Outsource freelancers can spot someone who has a moderate level of experience based upon the requests they are making. Think like a smart person. Is it easy to work with someone who doesn’t know what they are doing? Of course it isn’t. People who don’t know what they are doing attract other people who don’t know what they are doing. If you don’t know how to do the basics by yourself you won’t be qualified to train an outsourced employee to do it either.

Tip # 2: Check out your competition. Before investing money, take a look at what the other sellers in your category are up to. Dig in to get an idea about what their strategies are. Make a special note on anything their auctions are missing, because addressing these flaws in your own auctions is a powerful way to move in and beat them at their own game.

EBay’s Classified Ad section was developed to act as a tool for lead generation. But marketers can’t complain about that. Afterall, those 0.99 auctions were not about the money, but about collecting leads. With eBay’s classifieds, you’re given a “green light”.

So how can you step into the spotlight as an expert? Start by creating some kind of moniker for your marketing and public relations purposes. If you’re a copywriter, you may call yourself “The Word Doctor”. Second, be authentic and connect with your customers on their level. Be personable and share your story to show your human side. Third, create an ongoing series of content that you syndicate to the press, on your blog, on your social media profiles, and through other media channels. From there, you can build online communities focused on your area of expertise. You can do this using social media, it can tie in your SEO strategies, and you can invite people from the press to come on as guest experts or for an interview.

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